The No-Compromise Resistance Bands-based equipment


We’re building our global network of Evolution distributors in the home fitness, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and sports therapy sectors.

They’re easy to stock and sell and our system is fully supported with 200+ exercises, tons of online videos, workout calendars, and more for your customer.

Due to their versatility, resistance bands-based workouts are quickly becoming the number one choice for fitness professionals, rehabilitation practitioners, and high-performance athletes wanting to extend their strength, range, and sustainability.

Our patented Evolution takes resistance bands to the next level.

Why you should stock the Evolution

Rehab and physiotherapy clinics are often small and don’t have the space for large, cumbersome, and immobile equipment. Often, they are forced to choose between the equipment they need, and the equipment they can accommodate in their limited space.

The result? They have to compromise their service.


The patented Evolution is a compact (3 feet x 3 feet), versatile (200+ exercises), and functional exercise system.


With one multifunctioning system, your practitioners can offer their clients assistance, resistance, parallel bars, and more.


And, not only is the Evolution strong, sturdy, and durable, but also easy to assemble and relocate.


Multiple regions available throughout Canada, United States, and Worldwide.

What People Are Saying

Real Reviews From Real Evolution Customers

“Resistance bands are a valuable tool in therapy because they provide variable tension, which trains stability, and are a safe closed chain exercise. The use of resistance bands are healthier for the joints as there is no dynamic impact.

The Evolution utilizes different resistance bands which are adjustable to any level of athlete, and also offers something unique to any exercise apparatus I have seen – unilateral angular resistance. The Evolution can force the athlete to work on stability on one side specifically, creating functional movement patterns to address muscle imbalances.”

Dr. Johnathon Ng BSc. BS. DC., Chiropractor

“The Evolution is a versatile piece of equipment that is suitable for people who are starting to get into fitness and also for people who have a regular fitness routine. I quite enjoyed using Evolution as it made me train outside the box. I was able to complete exercises that I normally do at the gym with Evolution, however, at times these exercises felt like new exercises to me. Since the Evolution had a harness and resistance bands, I had to move my body differently and had to train my mind to view these exercises differently – this is good for people who are looking things to spice up their routines. I would recommend newbies and seasoned gym goers to give Evolution a try.”

Irene Ly

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