About US

My Story.
 My Mission.

My mission is simple: to improve global health through exercise. 

I want to help the everyday individual succeed with exercise by innovating products that make exercise convenient, effective, and most importantly, sustainable. And I do this through my patented Evolution.

To me, exercise is about facilitating a lifestyle, not what social media makes it out to be. Unfortunately, exercise has been painted with an elusive (and often exclusive) brush.

I want to change that.

Having dealt with my fair share of body-image and confidence issues, I continue to be disappointed at how the industry fails the average person.

I often get asked how I ideated the Evolution. Well, I married my background in Engineering and Personal Training and sprinkled in a bit of empathy. During my time as a personal trainer, I spent countless hours with people who hated being at the gym. Whether it was the lack of time, knowledge, or confidence, they just hated being there.

That resonated with me. It surprises people that I haven’t exercised in a gym for over five years. So, I had to create a solution. And the solution appeared to me in a dream.

The Evolution

The Evolution was designed for busy people who are ready to make a change but don’t want to commit to a gym or studio membership they’ll rarely use. Whether you’re career-oriented, family-driven, or a combination of both, there are so many reasons not to go to the gym. I realized how much precious time it takes to get to and from the gym and how uncomfortable it is to be there when you don’t feel confident you know what you’re doing. Not to mention waiting for equipment and the judgmental eyes. These are things that stand in the way of attaining the health and body that they deserve!

A fun fact about the Evolution is that a lot of user feedback went into its design. I took several of my (then) clients through the entire innovative process of designing the Evolution, and many of the features built into today’s Evolution are the direct result of their feedback.

Although there are some very unique features built into the Evolution, what differentiates us is our dedication to educate and provide continual support. Because anyone can exercise once, twice, or maybe even fifty times. I want to help our customers integrate exercise into their busy lives, and achieve the health they want for a lifetime.

Get Your Evolution Today

Order your Evolution online today and receive:

1. The patented Evolution Home Gym comes with:

  • 4 – handles
  • 4 – ankle straps
  • 5 – sets of resistance bands (a total of 170 lbs of resistance)
  • 1 – set of parallel bars
  • 1 – exercise ball

2. One month access to the Online Training System

3. Four easy, interest-free payments over six weeks

4. Free shipping and a 14-day money back guarantee